Welcome to the ePortfolio of David Attaie.

I am a Computer Games Professional who currently focuses on Mobile Gaming. I currently work as a Lead Mobile Software Engineer at Razer USA. I have been in the industry working for some of the biggest names in the mobile space including WeeWorld, eBay (through Y Media Labs) and EMC (through Y Media Labs).

Having completed a degree in Computer Games Technology from the University of the West of Scotland (one of the UK’s only games industry accredited courses).

My technical experience is outlined below.

  • Languages: Objective C; C; C++; Swift; Javascript; Java; Open GL; C#; SQL
  • Engines: Ogre 3D; Unity; Raknet; Unreal
  • Platforms: iOS ; OSX; Android; Windows Phone
  • Game Development: Network Programming; Multi-Threaded Programming; Graphics Programming; AI; Animation; Level Design; Game Design.
  • iOS Frameworks: UIKit, Core Animation, Core Data, Grand Central Dispatch, NSOperation’s, AV Foundation, Core Graphics, GameKit, SpriteKit, Metal